We empower brands to
boost their conversion rates with headless commerce!

We implement headless commerce solutions that enable lightning-fast page load speeds, creating a better online shopping experience that achieves higher conversion rates and average order values.

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Using Nacelle, a leading headless commerce platform, we connect data from all systems, enabling brands to compose the perfect commerce technology stack

We link your Shopify Plus platform with your headless tech stack to create a fast, mobile-first headless store. At GM2, we use this technology to develop your headless store by enhancing Shopify Plus and obtaining incredible results:

Boost conversions 25% and more

Improve average order value by 20% or more

Accelerates time to market

Load times up to 7 times faster, designed to achieve high mobile performance

Handles spikes in traffic smoothly, providing a consistent shopping experience at all times

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Thus the name: headless, your backend systems or eCommerce functionality has no built-in head (frontend) and the head (frontend) is separate. This separation unlocks speed, customization, and more!

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Some of our success stories

At GM2 we have extensive experience in headless eCommerce development. Together with our team of experts and Nacelle, we make it possible. Some of our success stories are:

We use the right tools to achieve cost effective results and accelerate time to market.

Nacelle is the leading headless commerce platform for composing best-of-breed solutions.

Nacelle is the connective tissue that ties together data from all systems (including your eCommerce platform and CMS), empowering brands to compose a modern commerce tech stack unique to your brand’s needs.